Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Happy Education Week!

Welcome to the St. Joseph Learning Commons and Student Success Bookclub!

The Purpose:  We will read "Hold On To Your Kids, Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers" by Dr. Mate and Dr. Neufeld in an effort to bring parents and teachers together as partners to re-create the 'Attachment Village'.

The Plan:  In May we will read Part 1, in June, Part 2, in July, Part 3,  in August, Part 4 and in September Part 5.  As we read each section, we may respond to the discussion questions available on the sidebar pages.  Parents and Teachers may respond anonymously by posting their comments, or use the questions as an opportunity for private self-reflection. 

The Party:  In October, we will meet as a group and discuss the findings of the book and our responses to it over food and drink.  We will also brainstorm ways to bring the information to our friends and colleagues through workshops or presentations.

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